Social License & Benefit Agreement

  • The social license is defined as existing when a project has the ongoing approval within the local communities and other stakeholders or a broad social acceptance and ongoing acceptance.
  • To be part of the community, the region and the Province of Manitoba, PADCOM has corporate responsibilities that transcend operation of its business.
  • PADCOM needs to build trust leading to a social license.
  • PADCOM will constantly engage with the Local Government,
    First Nations, Metis and all surrounding communities to:
      – Build relations  – Embrace beliefs  – Embrace opinions
      – Embrace cultures  – Embrace requirements
  • We understand that a commitment to social license is not a one time commitment.  It will need to be maintained and revised.
  • PADCOM will ask that the local communities develop a community relations committee to meet with PADCOM on a regular basis.
       – To advise us on how we are doing
       –  Where we can improve
       –  What can we do for each other
       –  How can we further help with quality of life, good jobs,  
          businesses and spin off business opportunities.
  • To formalize how local residents can share and participate in the benefits and opportunities of the mining and beef processing projects.