It’s About The People

Like all Canadians, Manitobans and Prairie people are hardworking, salt of the earth people, they go to work each day with few complaints and are prepared to pay their share of taxes.

They are proud people and they are proud of their province.

They want good jobs, more opportunities and they want their quality of life services maintained and improved i.e. health care, education etc.

Manitoba like all Governments, businesses and families need new revenue every year.

Revenues to the Province of Manitoba direct and spin off from Manitoba’s potash deposit engaging the PADCOM proposal will be in the $ Billions over the life of the mine.

This proposal is about driving the economy in this part of the Province like it has never been driven before and radically lifting the socio-economic landscape of this region and positively impacting the entire Province for decades.

In all likelihood, we will not have another opportunity to drive the economy in this region and Province to this extent again.  At the very least for the next 30 – 60 years.

Canada prides itself in its wisdom that economic development with a strict focus on volumes and shareholder profit is not a way to define true progress.

The Canadian way is to define progress as improved long term well being of its citizens.  We should be proud of this.

Manitobans who live close to the Saskatchewan border watch as our neighbours to the west rise to the top of the Canadian food chain with resource development.  We are proud of and applaud our Saskatchewan neighbours.

We have in this proposal an opportunity to create our own momentum.

In the past 10 years we are seeing a new spirit of pride in our young people for the Province they live in, Manitoba.

They are proud of the lifestyle we have here and of the spirit of Manitoba, but because the good paying good jobs are out west they grow up and leave.

In order for us to sustain this pride and connection to Manitoba we need new developments and opportunities for them to stay rather then grow up and migrate west.

By utilizing our potash resource and revitalizing our agriculture industry we can change the lives of Western Manitobans which will have benefit for decades. 

This is a mutually beneficial, win-win relationship.